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Getting to Know Me: A Z and Cinder challenge


I don’t usually do these as like… I mean, who really wants to know that much about me? I already babble enough as is and it’s hard enough to shut me up but…

Okay. Here we go.

1. How do you drink your tea? I guess it depends on the type of tea? A lot of herbals or medicinals I’ll just drink hot and straight. A good black needs sugar though. If it’s super strong, milk too. Greens sometimes a little honey.

2. Favorite Dessert? I dunno, we didn’t get a lot of sweets growing up, it was usually those dainty fancy things that are more of a status symbol than a food. Buuuut I’m partial to smorcs. Ooey gooey dripping with chocolate cracker stuck to your face with mallow smorcs. Yuuuum. Oh or Pryn makes this awesome foamy hot cocoa thing that is just insane.

3. Favorite season and why? Still TBD. I like spring cuz that’s when all the babies come out and the flowers are in bloom, but I don’t like it cuz that’s when my birthday is. Summer is nice cuz it’s warm and there’s fireflies… We’re heading into fall and I like the way you can smell the cold on the air here. In Silvermoon and in Durotar it’s pretty much always Warm or Hot. Those are your two seasons. I hear it snows in Stormwind sometimes, but a different kind of snow than Northrend. I’m excited to see it.

4. What cheers you up? Um… Helping people, mostly. My friends almost always cheer me up. Sometimes being alone, but sometimes that makes things worse. I guess it depends on the specific way my brain is eating itself that needs cheering up.

5. Dogs or Cats? I personally like dogs… Ever since I got free, I’ve kind of related to the over-friendly stray who just wants to be pet. Cats seem to have their shit together a bit more. Or at least they can pretend to. I think Pryn would be a cat. So would Kaeriss. Sera would definitely be a dog like me. My family are all cats.

6. What’s your dream holiday? Uh… Huh. I never thought about this. I guess somewhere calm and exotic, like a hotsprings. Or if gold wasn’t an object, maybe a Goblin party town.

7. How many kids do you want? Light what a loaded question. Um… At least one. Maybe two so they have someone to grow up with. My childhood was not-awesome, I just want the opportunity to give a child what I wasn’t able to have. Then it also depends on the partner you’re with. If your partner doesn’t want children then none. That’s not something you force on someone.

8. Favorite weather? I like when it’s cool, but not cold. When it’s not scorching hot and there’s a breeze with a chill on the air. Where it’s cool enough that you can run around and not overheat, but warm enough that you can still go swimming without freezing your ears off.

9. What was your last meal? I changed this intentionally, cuz I know I won’t have a chance to plan out a last meal when the time comes. But last night I had broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl, and I let it sit extra long so that it got all goopy in the bread. I also had some veggies and left over rations from my latest Argent trip.

10. If you can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year, where do you choose? Oh Light, is this like a history question?? Uh. Fel, I have no idea. I think… I maybe want to see Shatrath in its prime? Or maybe the world before the Sundering, but I dunno how much I could see in that amount of time. Oh, or maybe Brill before the Cataclysm hit. I miss it there…

11. If you were a ghost, who or where would you haunt? Oh I’ve already been a ghost before. Not really. But I dunno. I think I’d haunt Pryn to annoy her. Or Sera, cuz he’d get really confused and it’d be funny. Or Tao and I’d just like, never stop screaming. Ever. I’d just be that annoying, wailing banshee that makes her life hell.

12. What is your family ancestry? Mages and warlock all the way down. I actually don’t know much beyond my parents, my father cut off his half of the family when he got married and my mother never talked about her parentage much. Oh. Also Elf. I was born Sin’dorei, though I guess the rest of my family was Quel’dorei at that time? I dunno. Now I’m a “Ren’dorei”. I should get a punch card and try and collect all the ‘dorei.

13. What scares you? A lot of things. People realizing what I’ve known all along is a big one — that I’m not a good person. That I’m not worth their time and I’ve just been fooling them. That I have them tricked. I don’t like people finding out what I already know. And I don’t like the idea of people I love getting hurt.

14. What are you most grateful for? The people who were kind enough to feed me and keep me warm. The people who call me family. The ones who took a chance on me. I love them all enought o be moved to tears just thinking about it…

15. Dream job? Heh. I wanna be a musician, maybe singer at a night club in Gadgetzan. Or a knight. Or both? I could do both…

16. Do you believe in aliens? …do… do you not? I mean… Draenei are a thing. Demons are apparently from the stars. I still think Murlocs aren’t from Azeroth…

17. Favorite sport? Uh. Shit I don’t know many sports. I guess jed’hin by default. Is jousting a sport?

18. How do you relax after a long day? Eat until I pass out. Or cuddle if I can find a willing victim.

19. If you could meet one historical figure, who would it be and why? Why are there so many hard questions in here? Light. Uh. Thrall. Or maybe one of the Dragon Aspects in their prime. That’s assuming that all of these people would actually want to meet me in return and not just like. Eat me or have an elemental sit on me or something. Ooo, what if Thrall let me babysit? Baby orcs are so adorable.

20. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach? City survival on a budget of zero. Or maybe something diplomatic, I’ve been told I’m pretty good at that.

21. Describe your perfect day: Wake up sometime after noon, no training. I normally am at muster by like 4am. Cook a big brunch, spend the rest of the day being lazy and playing with my friends. No stress. Nothing goes wrong. No one is upset or bored or angry. Everyone is just calm and happy.

22. Describe yourself in a sentense: “And then there was this fuckup.”

23. Who makes you laugh the most? Probably either Pryn, Suds or Vynluthein.

24. What superpower would you choose? Shape shifting looks like fun. But I’d have to go with something really wild, like probability manipulation. “What are the odds that it’s going to rain mook and cheez today? A lot better now that you gave me that idea!”

25. Favorite animal? Talbuks are really neat. I like anything with horns. And wolves or dogs. Especially big ones like Oshu that I can ride.

26. Biggest accomplishment? Making it this far. I haven’t died yet. My soul might be broken, but I’m doing more than just surviving now. I’m actually making it…


Just you're basic -cough-'dorei tryin' to make it in Azeroth.

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