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Meal of the Day: Gutshot Noodles

AKA Punishment Noodles

Not gonna lie, these are kind of my favorite thing right now. Not to eat, oh Light no. But to watch others eat.


So what you’re looking at is Pandaren noodles in a very spicy broth, accented with, soy, fish sauce and pho seasonings and more Pandaren red spice. Extra onions and topped with peanut-butter cups.

In celebration of me getting shot in the fucking stomach. Never forget.

Yes I’ve tried this. You wanna know what it tastes like? Leave a comment.


Just you're basic -cough-'dorei tryin' to make it in Azeroth.

4 thoughts on “Meal of the Day: Gutshot Noodles

  1. Ok now. I made pho the other day. Good stuff. As are peanut butter cups.
    Reese’s slogan for their cups used to be, “Two great tastes that taste great together.”
    But. Pho plus peanut butter cups? Curiosity is killing me. What did it taste like?

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    1. It was bizarrely good. First it was savory and delicious because of the broth, then an odd kick of sweet from the melted chocolate. Then holy shit HOT HOT HOT because I just had to make it eye-wateringly spicy — then the peanutbutter sort of cut through it. Then a different, more peppery hot from the onion before going back to this weird spicy-sweet. The salt of the broth really brought out the savoriness of the chocolate.

      It was the most confusing thing I’ve ever eaten. I’d probably eat it again, but cut back on some of the spiciness of the broth. Then again, they were called Punishment Noodles for a reason.


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