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Under New Management

Hi. So. Uh, my name is Jaxkol Dawnsedge. Previously Shadowriot, previously-previously Shadowfel. I am a Ren’dorei living in Stormwind, nothing strange about me just a perfectly normal Ren’dorei, yup. Absolutely not a Sin’dorei hiding from someone in enemy territory. Nope.

Anyhow. I like to cook, among other things. I was telling Miss Katychla about that and she offered me this really… weird… journal thing. Said I would “making the betters use of it” than she was. So I guess that means you’re mine now, huh?

Don’t worry… I’ll take good care of you.

She said that sometimes books like this can talk back and… damn that just sounds cool as fel! So… I’m going to pick up where she left off. I’m going to document my best cooking recipes and my experiences around Azeroth.

I can’t wait to see what we do together…

Oh, right. And this is me!




Just you're basic -cough-'dorei tryin' to make it in Azeroth.

3 thoughts on “Under New Management

  1. Recently arrived at your blog, Jaxkol, it’s shaping up to be real good! What an unique idea 🙂 What happens if an Alliance are to eat the food you cook…? 😉


    1. Fantastic question! I guess it sort of depends on WHAT has been cooked. Though the blog is a little behind, my skills are kinda increasing. I’m learning a lot of interesting things about the Alliance races, probably enough to fill it’s own post. Like, human women really really really love chocolate. Fatty beef is really popular in Stormwind and DELICIOUS. But it’s harder to get lynx meat and they turn their nose up at bat here. It’s all very interesting to me.

      I work evenings at the Golden Keg and usually people are pretty good at trying my experiments. Dalapeno poppers? Success! Chocolate stuffed pickles? Not so much.

      If you’re ever coming through Stormwind, feel free to visit! (Wrymrest Accord server)

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      1. Oh, I see, well, there you go, I didn’t know of those things either. Thank you for enlightening me 🙂 That knowledge is actually pretty cool to have! I’d love to see a full post on it.

        Aw, I thank you for your invitation! I am intrigued, that is for sure. Happy cookin’ 🙂


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