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Meal of the Day: Lordaeron Surprise!

EDIT – Updated with Gnomish measurements as well as Goblin. Sorry, I learned with Goblin.

So this one is a little later than I wanted it to be? Why? Because yesterday was Hallow’s End. Oh my Light, I’ve never experienced a Hallow’s End before — well. I mean. I kinda had? But it was mostly running in fear from the people acting weird and suddenly there’s a fucking Horseman??

I could go on and on about Hallow’s End — and maybe I will! But for now, my apologies for the lateness. Apparently they weren’t joking when they said if you ate too much candy you’d get sick.

But what I actually wanted to talk about was this. I call it Lordaeron Surprise.

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Meal of the Day: Gutshot Noodles

AKA Punishment Noodles

Not gonna lie, these are kind of my favorite thing right now. Not to eat, oh Light no. But to watch others eat.


So what you’re looking at is Pandaren noodles in a very spicy broth, accented with, soy, fish sauce and pho seasonings and more Pandaren red spice. Extra onions and topped with peanut-butter cups.

In celebration of me getting shot in the fucking stomach. Never forget.

Yes I’ve tried this. You wanna know what it tastes like? Leave a comment.

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Meal of the Day: Redridge Mountain Cakes (aka Clapjacks)

I’m so tired of potions right now. And I’m tired of being useless and stuck in bed. I’m getting better, it doesn’t hurt as much and I can get up and walk around but I’m supposed to stay down for as long as I can stand it.

It’s getting hard to stand it.

But this morning… This morning I discovered something magical. And potentially illegal.

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Healer’s Crash Course

Since I’ve been shot, I’ve been a bit obligated to actually pay attention to what Mrs Jean Bendon is trying to teach me. On top of the potions, which I might talk about later, she’s been keeping a poultice on the injury. Since she showed me how to do it, I’m gonna show you. Before anyone asks, no I’m not showing my wound. It’s gross no one wants to see that.

You need three herbs that are pretty common, and honey to bind it. The Thalassian name is in the… Curvy things.


The leaves at the top are Mountain Silversage (white sage). Personally, I love that crap. You can use it for cooking and it makes shit taste good. But it’s really super good for infections. The first day or so I started getting sick and the wound was apparently getting infected. Jean took a whole bunch of these leaves and chewed them up, made me chew some too. They made my mouth tingle. Once they were all broken, she just wadded it into the injury.

It made the skin tingle and stop hurting and when I woke up the next day, it itched like crazy. I don’t have a way to not be gross about this, but when we took it off, the infection had come out and the fever broke. Very cool.

The yellow stuff is Wild Steelbloom (yarrow), it’s apparently good for stopping bleeding and circulation for really deep injuries. It also helps deep wounds heal more cleanly.

The fluffy green stuff is dried Bruiseweed (mugwort). From what I understand it’s for pain relief, speeds healing and helps with bruises and tenderness. It can see a difference on areas where the poultice is as far as the bruise fading. Apparently pregnant women should stay away from it cuz she keeps asking if I’m pregnant. It was funny the first time. She also said something about counter-hex properties but I was too busy being unamused by the fifth pregnancy jab.

Grind it up, mix with honey, slap it on the wound, profit.

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Meal of the Week: Shal’dorei Pink Mana-Tea

So a trip close to home introduced me to a new recipe, Pink Mana-Tea. This stuff is delicious, but damn if it isn’t an ordeal to make. I spoke with Matron Faelra Daete’tiirn and her bodyguard, Vanaste Glannath and they tell me that the proper word is ‘ritual’. Whatever, ‘ordeal’ ‘ritual’ –  semantics, this thing is a bitch to make. The end result is worth it though.


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Brewfest Special: Beer Basted Boar Ribs

You can’t have Brewfest without ribs! Like the sausages, I can’t take credit for this. Unlike the sausages, the Dwarves who were kind enough to feed me until bursting were also kind enough to tell me how to do these myself.

You don’t have to know a Dwarf for this recipe! This is an Orgrimmar favorite as well!

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