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Brewfest Special! Dun Morogh Sausages

So this one is kind of a one-off because… I mean, I didn’t make these. I assembled them, which, yes, I know hold your applause. But with all the special foods we’re making at the Keg to celebrate Brewfest, grinding my own sausages is just kinda not necessary!!

Delicious pork, fresh sesame buns, topped with all kinds of condiments. Come on down to the Golden Keg! I recommend the beer cheese and onions topping, though my personal fallback is always mustard and pickled veggies. Super good with a nice foamy ale.


Just you're basic -cough-'dorei tryin' to make it in Azeroth.

7 thoughts on “Brewfest Special! Dun Morogh Sausages

    1. Thank you!! At the Keg, Brewfest is always a lot of fun. We’re really close to the Deeprun Tram, so a lot of times people come stumbling (literally) in after having too much fun. One guy came in three times, completely schnockered, to show me his hat. It was the same hat every time…

      Strangely, I don’t sell as much booze during Brewfest, but our meals go like crazy. Lots of people trying to get something on their stomach before they head out or after it’s too late.

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      1. Thank you, Jaxkol, I am glad you liked it. I heard that Beta for Azeroth too, it must be very sad to be part of the Blizzard team right now, if that is the overall feel of the expansion.

        You say levelling feels like a chore, in what way, can I ask? Because of the quests or systems in place, or?

        I guess I should warm up to Reddit, you are not the first one to suggest I give it a read, so I shall! Thank you 🙂

        Yeah, I am considering returning to RP too for a bit!
        Can I ask you, which impact the ongoing events of BfA has had on RP recently?


      2. It took me a while to give Reddit a shot as well, but there are some really worthwhile places there. I recommend /r/wholesome, the entire community is absurdly sweet and helpful. It’s like eyebleach but for the mind.

        As far as why it feels like a chore, I wasn’t grabbed by any of the Alliance storylines. Jaina has never been a very likeable character for me, and then as soon as they give her a plotline I’m even remotely interested in, it ends as soon as it begins. Not to mention all the rampantly stupid character choices that have been happening since the end of Legion and the weakening of female characters. The writing overall has taken a nosedive — but it’s a bit different on the Horde side where I technically main (even though I role play Alliance side for plot reasons). I’m a huge fan of the troll-heavy content, mostly because as someone who has studied rootwork and hoodoo, I feel like they really did some research. I have my gripes about that as well, but not quite as much to make it unenjoyable.

        As far as the ongoing events of BFA, from an OOC standpoint, there’s a lot more world RP. Zulzadar and Boralus have become RP hubs, and as far as working at the Keg, I’m seeing a lot more interesting and unique characters coming through, such as Tidesages or Sethrak. I want to play a Vulpera at some point, but I’m a little locked into one character ICly at the moment. There aren’t as many Dark Irons as I thought there would be, which is odd. And of course, with the Burning of Teldrassil, there’s a lot of characters on both sides of the fence. Since Jax is a blood elf posing as a void elf, he becomes the target of a lot of Night Elf anger, which is honestly a lot of fun since he has to talk his way out of it a lot and drama is the lifeblood of Rp…

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      3. Oh, thank you for the tip to a friendly Reddit place 🙂 I guess I just been unlucky and found often too rude comments over there. I’ll give that one a try!

        I see. Gating and how the quests are set up plays a role for me too. I do like Jaina a lot, but the building up of story in quests to then have me do a Mythic was discouraging. Like cliffhanger done wrong.

        Oh, that sounds fairly exciting, with your background. How cool that the Horde side gets things right that way.

        You are so right. The more drama, the more RP, especially drama that is not player made from the beginning, but stories around us. I think I have seen just one Dark Irons so far, but perhaps they are in the making. Surely the rep gate must play a part too.

        It sounds very intriguing the way you play Jax 🙂


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