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Meal of the Week: Ravager Dogs

So two very important things: Don’t expect anything that comes with instructions from a Laughing Skull Orc to be easy. And don’t expect it to come out pretty. This week’s recipe was Ravager Dogs from a good friend of mine, Korgraath Crotchgore, and it comes all the way from Gorgrond. Don’t ask him the story behind that sirname. Just trust me.

These dogs were ugly as fel, but man did they taste good. Unfortunately Korgraath’s instructions left a lot to be desired, so hopefully I can help you learn from my mistakes for this delicious dog. Crunchy with just a little bit of spice and an interesting fresh flavor, these are definitely worth it. I hope to revisit it later with a better method once I’ve experimented a bit more.

As usual, here is our cast of characters! This was enough for four, but it’s really easy to scale up or down as necessary. We have Ravager Sausages which much to my surprise, aren’t full ravager-meat but a mix of ravager and boar. I guess that the ravager doesn’t have a lot of fat, so the more fatty boar helps bind it together. We also have a thick slice of bacon per dog, cheese and Gorgrond peppers. I had two peppers and just halved them for this.

Let me just say one thing… Gorgrond isn’t known for it’s peppers. And when I asked Korgraath where they came from, he just laughed eerily… So uh… feel free to sub a large Dalapeno or even a bell pepper for these.

Half the dogs down the middle, then using some generous slices of cheese, stuff them inside. This recipe is very forgiving, and it’s NOT going to look pretty, so try not to get frustrated. I wanted this to be beautiful and it just failed. Korgraath implied it was my elvish vanity — in his own weird way — so get the idea of these things turning out pretty out of your head right now.

Once they are stuffed, wrap each one in bacon. Now, one thing I didn’t realize until later, is that it would be a REALLY good idea to pin these down. Find some long metal splinters, some leatherworking needles, fel even some toothpicks if you have them, and poke them through to hold the dogs and the bacon in place. Just remember to remove ALL of them before you eat.

Once they’re wrapped and secured, get the bacon frying. You’re aiming to crisp up the bacon as much as you can. Again, I didn’t secure mine and oh my Light it turned into such a pain in the ass. Korgraath came over to ‘help’ by leaning over my shoulder and telling me I did it wrong, without explaining what I did wrong. I took out my frustration on his big stupid green arm — but he didn’t notice. Which was even more frustrating.

If you have these secured, this part will be a lot easier. If you don’t, they will fall apart as you try and turn them over.

While I struggled to flip them, Korgraath came over and secured them with toothpicks. No matter how well you secure the sides and the bacon, that cheese WILL leak out. BUT! The good news for that is that toasty cheese is freaking amazing and will only amplify your recipe. Don’t get frustrated, it’ll still taste good even if it doesn’t look great.

So turn your dogs over, get the bacon cooked on all sides. While this is going, cut the peppers in half and get all the seeds out. Use gloves. Trust me. Please use gloves.

Get the dogs inside one half of the pepper, and then we’re going to grill the pepper to soften it. You kinda want some char on the bottom of the pepper. We’re not aiming to completely soften it, but we want to cook it so that it still has some crunch to it.

Light look at those damn spikes… that’s how you know it’s the work of an orc…

Once the peppers are done, move them to a plate and add whatever condiments you like. Korgraath liked hot sauce, I used a bit of mustard on mine. Very very tasty!


  • Ravager dogs (can substitute any sausage)
  • Cheese (recommend sharp cheddar but any strong cheese would be good)
  • 2 large peppers (gorgrond, dalapeno or anaheim)
  • One strip bacon per dog
  • One bun per dog. You could probably also use a wrap or tortilla.


  1. Slice the links in half
  2. Using about a 1-2mm slice, stuff the links and reform
  3. Wrap the stuffed links with bacon and secure them (CAREFULLY) with spikes.
  4. Cook the wrapped links on all sides until the bacon is crisped and the cheese is melty.
  5. Set the links inside one half of the seeded peppers and return to the pan
  6. Cook until the bottom of the pepper is charred
  7. Move to buns and remove the spikes. All of them. I bit into one, seriously, be careful removing them. Or at least don’t get all orcish with their placement… I’m rambling
  8. Add whatever condiments you like and enjoy!


Just you're basic -cough-'dorei tryin' to make it in Azeroth.

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