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Meal of the Day: Redridge Mountain Cakes (aka Clapjacks)

I’m so tired of potions right now. And I’m tired of being useless and stuck in bed. I’m getting better, it doesn’t hurt as much and I can get up and walk around but I’m supposed to stay down for as long as I can stand it.

It’s getting hard to stand it.

But this morning… This morning I discovered something magical. And potentially illegal.

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Brewfest Special: Beer Basted Boar Ribs

You can’t have Brewfest without ribs! Like the sausages, I can’t take credit for this. Unlike the sausages, the Dwarves who were kind enough to feed me until bursting were also kind enough to tell me how to do these myself.

You don’t have to know a Dwarf for this recipe! This is an Orgrimmar favorite as well!

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Brewfest Special! Beer Cheese

So last week we made pretzels, and you can’t have pretzelsn wtihout something to dip them in! Since it’s brewfest, that only leaves one option: BEER CHEESE.

Laugh away, but these words literally left my mouth this week: Why do all the brewfest recipes involve booze? Come on Jax. Come on.

Oh man though. So much booze. I don’t know if you’ve met me, but I am not that big. I cannot hold my liquor. And this week… so much booze.

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Brewfest Special! Dun Morogh Sausages

So this one is kind of a one-off because… I mean, I didn’t make these. I assembled them, which, yes, I know hold your applause. But with all the special foods we’re making at the Keg to celebrate Brewfest, grinding my own sausages is just kinda not necessary!!

Delicious pork, fresh sesame buns, topped with all kinds of condiments. Come on down to the Golden Keg! I recommend the beer cheese and onions topping, though my personal fallback is always mustard and pickled veggies. Super good with a nice foamy ale.

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Meal of the Week: Stormwind Streetfood

When you’re too lazy to clean a dish….


Uh. So again… like… Food is new to me. I am literally starving, so living at a tavern with access to inexpensive food is a fucking Light-send. Near the Stockades (which I’m told are like… Handcuffs for your entire head that you have to stand in in public as punishment) are a bunch of food carts that set up every day.

Today’s meal are sausages from Ironforge, I’m told they’re ram meat. The sauce is something with a weird name I can’t pronounce, it’s a mix of soured white cream, cucumber and dill. Once I start learning how to ya know. Actually cook, I’ll get better at telling everyone else how to do it.

You like… mix about half a cucumber that’s been grated and squeezed, more dill than should be  legal in your area, and sour cream. Then you let it chill. I think there’s also garlic, I dunno.

This cost me about half a silver, so I’m a fan. Plus with Braindigger, it’s real nice to always have my own plate!

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Meal of the Week: Pepper Egg Soup

When you have to make pepper eggs, waste not want not!


Fresh pepper egg soup with sage leaf garnish. Delicious and practical. Bone app the teeth.

…wait what? I’m supposed to explain how? …Uh…

Okay uh. So… Pepper eggs are made with like. Well. I use them for quick getaways, right? You take a small egg like from a bird or a dragon hawk, you use a dagger to poke a hole in both ends, and you blow the contents out into a bowl. Like. with your mouth. Literally blow it.

Then you finish with the pepper egg, using whatever you have on hand. The Golden Keg is near a blacksmithing station so I had access to flint AND gunpowder. These are really good eggs.

Anyhow, once you have the egg-snot in a bowl uh. Make it look pretty? I dunno, it’s really good protein, so pepper-egg restock day is usually my biggest food day. It’s amazing. It’s the best.

It’s not for everyone.

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Buzzard Bites

In the Dragon Wastes of Northrend, there are many perils. The one most of us forget about, however, are the damnable vultures. Even the simple task of investigating the ancient bones could become a fight to the death if one of those winged rats became a little over-eager. But by the time Katychla’s hammer was done crushing the beast into the snow, we realized a few things.

Snow preserves food wonderfully
And we’re really hungry.
Waste not, want not!

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